Best practices | Edital Videocamp 2018
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Best practices

The VIDEOCAMP Film Fund emphasises consistency and values the entire filmmaking process, not just the final product. For these reasons, consider the points below when developing your proposal.

Although it is not mandatory to incorporate these terms into your project during the selection process, they will play a role in proposal evaluation, and the winning team will be expected to uphold them.


Code of conduct:

  • Diverse team with good gender balance, ethnic and racial variety, and individuals with disabilities;
  • Hiring of local teams;
  • Close communication between team members;
  • Use of safety equipment;
  • Use of efficient equipment;
  • Evaluation and reduction of environmental impact during production;
  • Waste sorting during production;
  • Use of carpools, public transport, and other alternative means of transportation;
  • Healthy and sustainable food options on set.

Support materials for project development

The Impact Field Guide & Toolkit:
If you haven’t read the Impact Field Guide & Toolkit, now’s the time. Developed by the DOC Society in partnership with the Ford Foundation, Bertha Foundation, Sundance Institute, and Knight Foundation, the Guide provides free resources and advice for maximising impact at all stages of the creative process, from conception to distribution.

Click here for versions in English and Spanish.