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Whether over email or the phone, in cafés or in offices, many people from various organizations, entities, collectives, and civil society at large made valuable contributions to this fund. In some cases, the discussions lasted entire days, and we are proud to say that nothing has been left out of this first step towards creating an impactful film on Inclusive Education. That being said, THANK YOU SO MUCH to every person and organization that participated in the project. Get to know our partners below – when the film is complete, they’re the ones who will help it reach all corners of the earth.

institutional support

knowledge partners

    Agda Malheiro Teacher / Researcher
    Ana Clara Schneider Founder of Sondery - Creative Accessibility
    Andrea dos Santos Cordeiro de Mello She does her own drawings, Salesian University Center of Sao Paulo employee
    Angelina Barão Down Syndrome Foundation member, McDonald's employee
    Billy de Assis Specialized Educational Assistance Teacher
    Bruno Decc Filmmaker, Maria Farinha Films
    Cacau Araújo Mobilizer, Believe.Earth
    Close-up black-and-white photo of Carla, a young woman with dark, shoulder-length hair, a snub nose, and a wide smile. She's wearing glasses with rectangular metal frames.
    Carla Borges Human Rights and Education Consultant
    Carol Freire Manager of Institutional Relations and Resource Mobilization, Down Syndrome Foundation
    Cris Bartis Co-creator of the Mamilos Podcast, communications professional focused on UX, FGV professor
    Erika Pisaneschi Director of Education and Childhood Culture, Alana Institute
    Fabio Adiron Father of a person with disability
    Fernanda Sodelli Psychologist with a Master's Degree in Developmental Disorders, and a research focus on Vulnerability and Intellectual Disability
    Gabriel Limaverde Advisor for Education and Childhood Culture, Alana Institute
    Italo Dutra Head of Education, UNICEF Brazil
    Juliana Wallauer Co-creator of the Mamilos Podcast, communications professional focused on Planning, ESPM professor
    Lara Souto Santana Researcher, activist fighting for the rights of people with disabilities
    Marcio Hollosi Professor of Libras at the Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP)
    Mari Mitri Assistant Documentary Director
    Mariana Oliva Documentary Director and Producer
    Mazi Rodrigues Strategist, AlanaLab
    Nicolas Levada Publicist, uses crutches
    Raphael Preto Journalism student and member the Alana Institute's Education and Child Culture research team
    Vivi Zangrossi Production Assistant, Maria Farinha Filmes

Join the movement

If your organization also believes in the importance of Inclusive Education, you can support the fund by helping to build the network that will ensure wide dissemination of the film and of the cause.

Send an email to
with the subject line: I believe!

We would love to hear your thoughts, and would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the fund.