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The fund

AT VIDEOCAMP, WE BELIEVE FILMS CAN TRANSFORM REALITY. In recognizing how effectively cinema inspires and encourages reflection, we’ve made supporting film production one of our strategic objectives.

The 2nd VIDEOCAMP Film Fund is among the largest of its kind in the world. The winning project will receive up to US$400,000 (four hundred thousand dollars) to produce a movie on Inclusive Education. Click here to learn more about the inaugural fund held in 2017.

What are we looking for? Well, definitely not movies that simply trace the history of the topic, or analyze what makes an inclusive classroom. We are seeking a curious and sensitive director with the creative vision to make an important film that breaks down barriers related to attitudes, pedagogy, architecture, or communication. This film is also sensitive to interpersonal relationships that emphasize diversity, as well as collaborative strategies and inclusive support networks. Finally, this is a film that will broaden social perceptions about how all students, with and without disabilities, benefit from an education that is founded upon inclusive citizenship, and which fosters community through a commitment to diversity.

The Magic of Cinema happens when you pass through the exit door, and continue believing in the Magician.” Ruisdael Marques

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